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Devghat is the one of the holiest places in Hindu mythology. It is on the banks of Sapta Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki Junction in Central Nepal. It is the holiest place for Hindu gods too.
Devghat has beautiful natural features due to its geography, tropical forests, wild animals, birds, climate etc. It is just 7 km from the city center of Narayangarh, 20 km from Sauraha (another tourist city in Chitwan) and 150 km southwest from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.


A bus service is available from Pokhara bus park of Narayangarh. Moreover, private taxies and cars can be hired from Narayangarh city.

Religious sites

Various temples and caves of Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and Santas are located at Devghat. Goddess Sita's cave, Bashistha Cave, Radha Krishna Temple, Galeshwor Temple, Sita Ram Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, Bageshori Temple, Laxmi Narayan Divya Dham, Maula Kalika Mandir, Bishwa Shanti Dharmashala etc. are the most notable religious institutions. Mahesh Sanyas Ashram, Hari Har Ashram, Sharana Gati Ashram, Galeshwor Ashram, Radha Sarbeshwor Bhajanashram, Yogi Narahari Nath Ashram are the ashrams where various religious activities are performed all over the year. In Makar Sankranti, huge mela is observed each year which is one of the largest religious mela in Nepal. Its still unanswered in history since when this mela started. Hindu pilgrims take dip at the junction of the two river. Krishna Gandaki river is famous for rare SHALIGRAM SHEELA (holy stone), Hindu devotees worship it as Lord Bishnu.

Modern development

Devghat is in the modern transition stage of development. It has three high schools, one post-graduate college, three retirement home projects, one ayurvedic health post, part of Bharatpur medical college, guest house of B P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital etc. Various health organizations volunteer for free health check up camps on regular basis. A historic suspension bridge connects the Tanahun and Chitwan part of Devghat.
The government of Nepal has established the Devghat Area Development Committee for the integrated development of this area. The non-resident Nepalese Association has established a project to construct 200 bedded retirement homes in Chitwan, part of Devghatdham.
A proposed Saptagandaki hydropower plant is under pipeline in this area for construction. It has been expected to change the living standard of this area if this project is built.

Notable people

Swami Dr Ramananda Giri, Khema Raj Keshav Sharan, Swami Aatmananda Giri, Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya, Gyana Nanda Saraswati, Yogi Narahari Nath, Laxmi Sharan Paudel, Ruk Mini Sharan Sigdel, Dr Krishna Prasad Khanal, Pundit Bal Mukund Pokhrel, Dr Guru Prasad Subedi are the distinguished personalities of Devghatdham.


Mahesh Gurkul Mahabidhyalaya: Post-graduate college affiliated with Nepal Sanskrit University. Founder of this college is Swami Dr Ramananda Giri, a renowned Hindu pandit and social worker. Various Sanskrit specialties are taught in this boarding institution.
Sita Ram Sanskrit Secondary School: It was established in 1979 AD. It is located in the chitwan part of Devghatdham.It has its own free hostel facility. Students are offered scholarship if they merit good in the examination.
Ramananda Gurukulam: It was established by Late Dilliram Baba. Genuine students are offered free education, residence and food on boarding basis.
Galeshwar Gurukul Ashram: It was established by Late Galeshwar Baba in Tanahun part of Deavghatdham.
Kalika Secondary School: It is located in Tanahun side of Devghatdham.
Sharanagati Gurukul Ashram: It is established by its founder Acharya Keshavsharan.

Health care service

Devghat Ayurveda Health Post: It is located in the Chitwan part of Devghatdham. It is the oldest health post in this area. It provides both traditional and ayurvedic modes of treatment to the locals.
College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur Chitwan Rural Health Program: Regular healthcheck up, medicine distribution are conducted by Indian founded College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.
Aatmananda Giri Dharmartha Hospital: This is the proposed hospital by religious personality Aatmananda Giri.

Retirement homes

Devghat Development Committee operated Old Age Home: Oldest retirement home in this area. Its run by state owned organization. Its capacity is around 150 beds.
Rotary International operated Old Age Home: Its located in Chitwan part of Devghatdham.
NRN Briddhashram: Its being constructed by Non-Resident Nepalese Association. It will be of 200-bed capacity when fully constructed.


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