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Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Pvt. Ltd is an adventure trekking company solely is a private owned Trekking & Tour Company which is fully approved and license holder under Ministry of

Trekking in Nepal is interacting to the local people, culture, religion and lifestyle as well as walking through forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, and hemlock, visiting one or two villages each day. More

Nepal is hub of different kind of clothing which is pure handmade. Handmade Nepalese Clothings are unique and famous for around the world.


List of Nepal Nepal Colleges

  1. A.J Institute of Academy Science
  2. Acme Engineering College
  3. Active Academy
  4. Adarsha Janapremee College
  5. Advanced Academy
  6. Advanced College of Engineering & Management
  7. Alpine International College
  8. Amrit Science Campus
  9. Annapurna College
  10. Anupam College
  11. Apex College
  12. Arunima Foundation
  13. Ashirwad College
  14. Asian College of Higher Studies
  15. Ayurved Campus
  16. Baba Boarding School
  17. Baba Boarding School
  18. Bagmati Modern College
  19. Balmiki Vidhyapith
  20. Baneshwor Campus
  21. BernHardt College
  22. Bhaktapur M. Campus
  23. Bhanubhakta Memorial College
  24. Birendra Sainik Residential Campus
  25. Bishnumati College
  26. Biswabhasa Campus
  27. Brihaspati Vidhyasadan
  28. Brijlalkedia Hindu University
  29. Brookfield International College
  30. BST College
  31. Budhanilkantha
  32. Cambridge College
  33. Campion Academy
  34. Campion Kathmandu College
  35. Capital College and Research Center
  36. Capitol Hill Academy
  37. Caspian Valley College
  38. Center for Nepal & Asian Studies
  39. Central Department of Geography
  40. Central Department of Population Studies/TU
  41. Classic Academy
  42. College for Professional Studies
  43. College of Bio-Informatics
  44. College of Business Management
  45. College of Information Technology
  46. College of Software Engineering
  47. College of Software Engineering
  48. Cosmopolitan College
  49. Cosmos College of Management & Technology
  50. Crimson Academy
  51. DAV
  52. Dental College
  53. Dhulikhel Sanjeevani Campus
  54. Dipendra Police Campus
  55. Don Bosco College
  56. Ed-Mark Academy
  57. Einstien Academy
  58. Everest College
  59. Everest Engineering College
  60. Everest English College
  61. F.W Taylor
  62. Fluorescent College
  63. Galaxy Public School
  64. Global College
  65. Global College of Management
  66. Grand Academy
  67. GS College
  68. Gyanodaya College
  69. Herald International College
  70. Hilbert International College
  71. Institute of Engineering
  72. Institute of Medicine
  73. Intensive International Academy
  74. International College
  75. International Institute of Higher Studies
  76. International Institute of Technology Management & Health Science
  77. IOM-CPSP Linkage Programme (T.U. Institute of Medicine)
  78. ISME College
  79. Jana Bhawana Campus
  80. Janamaitri Multiple Campus
  81. Jaya Multiple Campus
  82. K and K College
  83. Kamal English Boarding Higher Secondary
  84. Kamana International College
  85. Kantipur Campus
  86. Kantipur City College
  87. Kantipur Engineering College
  88. Kanya Multiple Campus
  89. Kathamandu DonBosco College
  90. Kathmandu BernHardt College
  91. Kathmandu Campus
  92. Kathmandu Central College
  93. Kathmandu College of Management
  94. Kathmandu Institute of Technology
  95. Kathmandu Medical College (P) Ltd.
  96. Kathmandu Model College
  97. Kathmandu School of Management
  98. Kathmandu University
  99. Kathmandu Valley College
  100. Kathmandu Women's Campus
  101. Khopa Engineering College
  102. King's College
  103. Kist College
  104. Kumari College
  105. L. A. College of Management
  106. L. R. International College
  107. L. R. International College
  108. Laboratory Higher Secondary School
  109. Lalit Education Campus
  110. Lalitpur College
  111. Lalitpur Nursing Campus
  112. Lincoln College
  113. Little Angels College
  114. London College of Business & Computing
  115. Lord Buddha College
  116. Madan Bhandari College
  117. Maha Manjushree College
  118. Mahendra Aarsha Vidyashram
  119. Mahendra Ratna Campus
  120. Mahendra Sanskrit University
  121. Malpi Int'l College
  122. Manamohan Memorial College
  123. Manipal IT Education
  124. Mitra High School
  125. MODEN College of Management
  126. Nagarjuna International College
  127. Namuna Machhindra Campus
  128. NASA International College
  129. National Academy of Science of Technology (NAST)
  130. National Campus for Business Studies
  131. National College
  132. National College for Advanced Learning
  133. National College of computer Studies (NCCS)
  134. National College of Engineering
  135. National College of Technical Science
  136. National Institute of Science
  137. National Institute of Technical Science
  138. National Integrated College
  139. National Open College
  140. National School Of Science
  141. National View College
  142. National Vision Co-Ed. Junior College
  143. Nava Durga Multiple Campus
  144. Nava Jyoti College of Management
  145. Navodit Commerce College
  146. Navodit Vidya Kunja Higher Secondary
  147. Nepal Administrative Staff College
  148. Nepal College of Information Technology
  149. Nepal College of Management
  150. Nepal College of Technology
  151. Nepal Commerce Campus
  152. Nepal Engineering College
  153. Nepal Law Campus
  154. Nepal Medical College
  155. Nepal Science Campus
  156. New Millennium Academy
  157. New Millennium College
  158. New Summit College
  159. Nicholson College
  160. Nightingale College
  161. Nist, Patan
  162. Nobel College
  163. Nursing Campus
  164. Orient College
  165. Pashupati Multiple Campus
  166. People's Campus
  167. People's Dental College & Hospital
  168. Pragya Commerce
  169. Pragya Commerce College
  170. Prasadi Academy
  171. Premier College
  172. Prime Academy
  173. Prime College
  174. Progress Educational Academy (PEA)
  175. PTI College
  176. Public Administration Campus
  177. Public Youth Campus
  178. Pulchowk Campus
  179. Purnachandi Boarding Higher Secondary School
  180. Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus
  181. Rehdon College
  182. Reliance International Academy
  183. Richmond International College
  184. Royal International Engineering College
  185. Rupak Memorial H. S School
  186. Sagarmatha College
  187. Sagarmatha Multiple College
  188. Saipal Academy
  189. SANN International College
  190. Sanothimi Campus
  191. Saraswoti Kunj Higher Secondary School
  192. SchEMS College
  193. School of Environment Management & Sustainable Development
  194. School of Management, Kathmandu University
  195. Shankar Dev Campus
  196. Sharadha Institute Of Management & Science
  197. Shradha Nursing Campus
  198. Shubhashree College
  199. Shuvashree Academy
  200. Siddhartha Academy
  201. Siddhartha Banasthali Science Campus
  202. Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute
  203. Siddhartha VS
  204. Sigma College
  205. Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management
  206. Srijana Fine Art College
  207. St. Xavier's Campus
  208. Symbiosis Academy
  209. Thames College
  210. Thapathali Campus
  211. The Kathmandu College
  212. The Memorex Group
  213. Tribhuvan University
  214. Tribhuvan University (Higher Education Project)
  215. Tribhuvan University (Office of the Examination Controller)
  216. Triton International College
  217. Unique Academy Higher Secondary School (Unique College of Management)
  218. United Academy
  219. Universal Academy
  220. Universal College (10+2 & BBS)
  221. Universal College Preparatory School
  222. V. S. Niketan College
  223. Vidyadayini Higher Secondary School
  224. Viswa Niketan Science Campus
  225. Viswa Niketan Science Campus
  226. Welhams College
  227. White field College
  228. White House Int'l College
  229. Whitefield College
  230. Worldlink Academy
  231. Xavier Academy Science College
  232. Xavier International College



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Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl Wholesale

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Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Pvt. Ltd

Nepal Trekking is an adventure travel company solely is a private owned Trekking, mountaineering & Expedition Company which is fully approved and license holder under Ministry of Tourism, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal.
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